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Shimmy by the Sea is bought to you my Shimmy Times Chloe Kenny.  International bellydance teacher Chloe created this fun festival to enhance the UK belly dance scene. Bringing like minded teachers and students together for a weekend of dance and friendship. The relaxed atmosphere she creates for every weekend is key to its success. All level of dancers are welcome and everyone leaves with a smile.

Chloe packs her classes and performances with personality, cheekiness, and plenty of charisma. Students & dance colleagues describe her teaching style as enthusiastic, engaging, inspiring and packed full of fun and sparkle. She is a dynamic choreographer and performer who effortlessly expresses her love for the dance and never stops smiling – which in turn leaves all who attend Chloe’s classes full of joy. Chloe is also the organiser of other exciting belly dance events including  Shimmy & Shine day festival with Catherine Bartholomew, Harem days with Lianna Greene alongside, Bellytastic her annual student show. She has taught workshops across the UK & Morrocco as part of the Funoon dance camp. 

Find out more about Chloe and Shimmy Time here 

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